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Anyone interested?

I won a copy of C.M Wright's first two books in her Zombie Overload series, but I already have them. Would any of you be interested? Just let me know what format you'd like.


I'm trying out http://lendle.me/ right now.  This is my review for the site (not a sponsored review by any means).

Advantages: You can earn money.  That's right, your heard me: real-world dollars that you can spend on anything you want.  How do you earn this money? Lend out Kindle books that you already own. 

Disadvantages: It's only for Kindle owners/users.  Nook & any other e-readers are not supported.  Also, if you just like to leech, this site isn't for you, since you have to earn 'borrow requests' by offering your books for trade.

In short, this is a good alternative if you haven't found what you're looking for in ebook_lending.  There are more users, so the chances of someone having the book you want is pretty good.  If you'd like to try it out, come join! Tell them I sent you by including my referral code: 0V0RF8V0

Kindle books

Over on Amazon in the romance forum is a lending thread.  You might luck out & get that Kindle book you've been wanting to read! Be careful, in order to receive a book you must publicly post your e-mail.


Remember, you can always safely post any requests here.


It's a new year, let's try something new! In the comments below, list some books you're able to lend out. Feel free to list as many or as few as you'd like!

When you see a book you'd like to borrow, send a PM to the commenter with the e-mail address for your e-reader.

Note: if you don't have ANY books to lend out, you can still request a book, but if you are able to lend, it'd be nice to list them so everyone can have something new to read.
Hi all! Totally new here and we're loving our Nooks (I bought my son one two days after I got mine).

3 books you'd most like to receive: American Gods, A Girl Becomes a Comma like that, The Great Gatsby
Favorite genres: Scifi, horror,
Least favorite genres: comedy...
Primary device:nook
Anything else: I read anything that's suggested to me.

Hi! I'm your friendly mod, Kitten!

3 books you'd most like to receive:

Spacer's Luck - K.A. Maxwell
Metal Swarm - Kevin J. Anderson
Warriors - ed. George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois

Favorite genres: sci-fi, fantasy
Least favorite genres: nonfiction except for cookbooks
Primary device: I have the most books on Nook (over 1,000!) but prefer Kindle's navigation.  I also have some books on Sony, although I don't know how to lend those yet.